Alison likes Reading, Writing, Fantasy and Feminism.  She spends hours in book shops and always likes to know what people are reading.

About Alison

Alison loves reading and writing Fantasy fiction and creating imaginative secondary worlds for her characters to inhabit.

She is passionate about helping to form an equal society for all and is particularly interested in gender equality and equality for fellow members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Alison lives in Hertfordshire, England, and likes to go walking in the surrounding countryside (or, if she doesn’t want to get lost, the surrounding roads). 

Once a day, she serenades/torments her neighbours by playing the bagpipes.


Alison loves to write and share her ideas with people.  In her blog, you can find her thoughts on a range of things – basically, whatever was on her mind at the time.

What she does when she’s not writing

Make lists

One of the things she does all the time is compile lists of incredible TV shows that people have recommended to her, but never actually gets around to watching them.


She does a similar thing with books but that list is three times as long and she is (very) slowly making her way through it.  Her tastes in books is eclectic: she is a big fan of Fantasy, an utter sucker for a Romance, increasingly fascinated by Non-Fiction, loves a Cosy Mystery and anything that falls between those gaps.


Once a month, Alison can be found at her local book club The Book Gluttons.  They talk about books (sometimes even the one they were meant to read that month), eat far too much and set the world to rights.


Community spirit is so important. Alison is a regular volunteer at Stevenage Haven, an invaluable resource for homeless people in her local area. Click the link and donate if you want to support the community.

Although she is not the best at reading out loud (she’ll never be an audio-book narrator, that’s for sure), Alison reads local news for North Herts Talking News, which delivers accessible news articles to people with visual impairments.


She loves going out for a walk but is prone to getting lost.  She particularly likes those crisp, cold mornings and she doesn’t mind walking in the rain (as long as her destination is home).

Learn the bagpipes

In an effort to connect with her heritage, Alison started learning the bagpipes.  She found that they’re much harder to play than people think but she’s getting better all the time.  Her neighbours may disagree.


Alison has worked in retail, administration, teaching and copywriting.

She loved teaching and wished the powers that be would have left her alone so she could do more of it.  The best part was actually being in the classroom with the pupils and she misses talking to them every day.  She loves it when an ex-pupil recognises her and says hello.

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