Alison loves reading and writing Fantasy.  There’s nothing like exploring the magical landscapes and societies of secondary-world fantasy, especially if it has a meta concept.  You can check out some of her reviews here.

Like a lot of people, Alison is passionate about helping to form an equal society for all and is particularly interested in feminism and gender equality, as well as LGBTQIA+ rights and positive representation.  She explores this in her writing and muses on it in her blogs, as well.

When she’s not writing


One of the things she does all the time is compile lists of incredible TV shows that people have recommended to her, but never actually gets around to watching them.


She does a similar thing with books but that list is three times as long and she is (very) slowly making her way through it.  Her tastes in books is eclectic: she is a big fan of Fantasy, an utter sucker for a Romance, increasingly fascinated by Non-Fiction, loves a Cosy Mystery and anything that falls between those gaps.

Volunteer reader for local Talking News

Although she won’t be winning any awards for her narrating skills, Alison still gives it her best shot and reads the local news for distribution to local people with Visual Impairments.  Nobody has complained so far so she assumes she’s nailing it.

Amateur TTRPG player

Role playing is another skill she won’t be winning awards for but it’s such fun she doesn’t care.  A member of a local Adventuring Party, Alison has tried out several RPG systems and her character has only been killed in a few.  At the moment, she is a member of an online group which is part of Organised Fun, the Board Game Podcast.

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