How to tell genre-snobs to f- off in 3 glorious phases

This week:
• I am not happy that I was genre-shamed
• It takes me less than a minute to think of three examples of fantasy in ‘great classic literature’
• It’s weird boiling Hamlet down to ‘man is haunted by the ghost of his murdered father until he goes on a homicidal rampage’

3 Reasons you should read ‘Heartstopper’ by Alice Oseman

This week, I explain:
• I am a complete romantic and can’t stop myself from reading love stories
• Why this is such a good recommendation for LGBTQ+ and Allied teens
• That British authors writing about schools and not including school uniforms irritates me

Women’s self-belief and beauty films: positives and negatives of ‘I Feel Pretty’ (2018) and ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ (2019)

This week, I give my thoughts on:
• How great it is to have films about women finding the confidence to succeed
• How addicted I am to these films
• Why ‘loving yourself no matter what you look like’ is not the straight-forward message that it’s often presented as